Light animations - 1-dimensional, LASER

LED columns are used for a lot of things. You still find them on mixing devices of some musical equipments because they give you enough light to be read in darkness.

Nowadays people seem to like POV (Persistence of View) application for some reason. As you have to move the LED column by hand or driven by a motor it actually is a two-dimensional display.
If you are using single LEDs the main problem is to arrage all the LEDs in a straight line. Then you have to connect them with the resistors to the ports 0 to 19.
If you don't like to do this job on your own you might take the blink enlight Shield developed by author Dr. Udo Klein. He also produced 30 projects which can be downloaded from his web page.

It can be done using a breadboard but it does not look very pretty: :

(For this project two ELB-1001HDA - 9104 LED-columns were used.
As you won't get this device any more go for something like Kingbright KBH100SRD , Conrad 141615)

The idea was

mounting 8 LASER diodes next to each other and let them send their beams to the wall or to the ceiling.

Drilling 8 holes in a bar is not too difficult, so in a matter of minutes it was done. But the result was not the one I had expected. The cheap modules seem not to centered as they should. The result was completely disappointing.

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