Using a TFT display as a computer terminal

It is understood you can use the print command with a TFT display. Normally, this comes to an end when you reach the bottom line as no scrolling is implemented in the standard TFT library the examples of which they moved to RETIRED.
In case of the 1.8" TFT with 16 lines of 26 characters you needed to buffer 416 characters to do a scroll by means of Arduino memory, and as the standard library does not tell you where you are you had no idea when srolling is necessary. And using 416 bytes you soon run out of memory.

Actually, I made getCursorX and getCursorY public and modified the write function in a way that printing continues at the top of the display when the bottom is reached, and always clear the next line to make overwriting visible.

You would find the library files at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\TFT\src\utility

Use these updates at your own risk, make copies of the originals before.


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