Arduino with Windows-2000

Why should I use Win-2K to program my Arduino?

Well, it could be you don't want to take your new Laptop or tablet down to your garage? Anyway, it will be easy to find an old PC which does the job.

Why Win-2K? Some good reasons:

If you run it offline you don't need to install anti virus software.
    step by step:
  1. if the old PC hasn't been used for a long time you might have to replace the CMOS battery. Also make sure it will boot from disk drive A:
    Boot up the PC and install an empty DOS partition, activate it, format it using FAT16. DOS partitions are limited to 2 GB. That won't be a problem.
  2. optional: copy the directory \i386 (about 300 MB) from the CD to the harddisk *)
  3. go to that new directory and execute winnt.exe
  4. follow the instructions for the standard installation
  5. during the installation keep the existing file system in order to be able to access the files with DOS commands (no NTFS file system!)
  6. depending on the size of the swap file you might have to erase the directory \i386 or move it somewhere else
  7. when you finished the installation again boot with your DOS disk and rename the file usbser.sys in the C:\winnt\System32\Driversdirectory to usbser2k.sys. (Don't erase it - you never know)
  8. get the file usbser.sys you got from some Windows-XP system (normally contained in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers) to your disk (if you don't have a disk drive copy it to a pen drive first)
  9. go to your newly installed Win2K and copy the XP version of usbser.sys (26 kB) to the directory C:\winnt\System32\Drivers. To disable Win2K to replace that file by its own on just rename the file found in the directory C:\Winnt\i386 to driver.bac.
  10. remove the disk and start your PC using Win2K
  11. copy winzip and Arduino to your hard disk *)
  12. install winzip
  13. unzip the Arduino software
  14. connect your Arduino board with the USB cable
  15. as said in the Arduino instructions select the driver \Arduino-xxx\drivers\Arduino UNO REV3.inf
  16. the system will look for the driver usbser.sys. It will be found in \WINNT\system32\drivers
  17. now you should run the normal test: start the Arduino IDE, load Blink.ino and upload it. Also check if the serial monitor is responding
  18. as this PC will be offline permanently go to File -> Preferences and uncheck the "Check for updates on startup" option
Hope it works for you.

contact: nji(at)