Arduino programming is too easy

When you search the net you will find many people who managed to install the IDE and run BLINK and soon created lots of programs just by copy & paste.

And the IDE invites you to share your results, no matter how somple they are.

For instance, if you search the net for arduino 7segment digitalwrite you get dozens or hundreds of matches which look a lot like

void digit1 () {
digitalWrite(B, HIGH);
digitalWrite(C, HIGH);
digitalWrite(D, LOW);
digitalWrite(E, LOW);
digitalWrite(F, LOW);
digitalWrite(G, LOW);

void digit2 () {
digitalWrite(B, HIGH);
digitalWrite(C, LOW);
digitalWrite(D, HIGH);
digitalWrite(E, HIGH);
digitalWrite(F, LOW);
digitalWrite(G, HIGH);

Or even stronger: look at this

Of course, it is a good thing to show the rest of the world how to do it.

But in most cases there are more intelligent ways to do it.

See 7segments_display to learn how to do it more efficiently.

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